Dental implants

Easy CAM

Eight steps to a custom-made dental implant

Whether bridges, connector bars, constructions for direct plastic coating, individual abutments, crowns, veneers or inlays – we can provide you with exactly the right solution for each of your patients. We have a straightforward approach to project management built on the following process:

1. Prepare

Take a dental impression and send it to our partner laboratory.

2. Order

When ordering, the model is sent straight to the appointed dental lab together with the necessary documents.

3. Scan

A three-dimensional scan is taken of the master model and positions of the teeth.

4. Design

The suprastructure is built by the CAD operator using the latest CAD technology.

5. Design approval

The design is reviewed and approved by the customer prior to production.

6. Manufacture

We mill the suprastructure according to the customer’s design specifications using cutting-edge technology.

7. Quality control

No product is released from manufacture without a final quality check.

8. Delivery

The produced articles are carefully packaged and shipped to the customer.

To fulfil your specifications, we use selected materials such as zirconia, translucent zirconia, CrCo, titanium, lithium disilicate glass ceramic, castable plastic, wax, and many others. Each prosthetic element is precision-made to the highest standards of quality according to the individually specified requirements. In addition, we provide sophisticated technical support. Our CAD/CAM systems are the basis for treating your patients successfully.

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