CMF Cranio Maxillo Facial

Our CMF product range – For treating fractures

The treatment of various craniomaxillofacial fractures is a sensitive subject in dental surgery.
Our portfolio includes a number of systems from which to choose. For greater ease of selection, we have also colour-coded the system components.

The products in our CMF range are available in the following dimensions:
1.2 mm
1.6 mm
2.0 mm
2.3 mm
2.7 mm

Our wide product portfolio means that we have the ideal solution for almost any indication

Select your preferred combination of osteosynthesis screw – whether cross-head, square-head or hexagon – and matching plate. Take the geometric design of your choice – ideally self-drilling or self-tapping for consistently good results.

Perfectly matched products

All the components we deliver are precisely and painstakingly coordinated. The harmonious integration of screws, plates and instruments is guaranteed every time.

The optimal patient solution

It goes without saying that we make no compromises here. Perfect material and design – the only combination that counts when it comes to osteosynthesis plates.
Our wide variety of bone plate designs helps you to offer patients the optimal solution.
Our portfolio leaves little to be desired. Feel free to contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

So small yet so important

Precision down to the last detail. This is our daily challenge.
Our osteosynthesis screws range in size from 1.2 mm to 2.7 mm.

Small, yet big on performance – choose from self-drilling or self-tapping designs. Emergency screws of the corresponding sizes are also available to match our entire range of bone screws.

Procedures made easier

Our range of implants knows no limits. A selected portfolio of ultra-precise tools supports you in your work.

With the aid of a drill designed specially for each system, combined with a highly sensitive depth gauge, the bone can be ideally prepared as necessary.
Various cutting and bending pliers permit precise preparation of the bone plates, meaning that everything functions perfectly together – components and tools alike.

Setting instruments designed to suit the drive type also guarantee utmost safety and precision when it comes to intricate procedures. The selected bone screw can be easily and rapidly anchored.

For a smooth treatment procedure

Our practically designed racks for holding screws and plates
mean you never lose sight of what is needed during treatment.

There are no distractions, since everything is in the right place. The tools are perfectly organised, secure, and always to hand.