Dental implants

We promise premium products and services

Optimal osseointegration is always our aim when manufacturing dental implants. This is the basis and prerequisite for long-lasting, stable bone anchorage of an implant.

Dentures at a high level

We offer a range of options for delivering premium-quality dental implants without compromising on aesthetics. From

  • standardised titanium
  • zirconia implants

we have all the products you could possibly need.

Platform switching is made possible by our wide range of dental implants

When it comes to the external geometry of an implant in particular, we take a variety of factors into consideration. In addition to tapered implants, we also offer cylindrical designs – in each case with variable implant neck configurations.
Despite the different external dimensions, our own-brand EasyLine products have identical connecting units. Platform switching is also possible. With the aid of these structures, we are able to offer a broad portfolio accompanied by a refined range of prosthetic elements.

Transgingival applications with Easy Cut

Minimally invasive, transgingival treatments, on the other hand, can be achieved with a broader range of implants by the name of Easy Cut.

All the implant systems produced by General Implants are essentially two-part solutions.